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Featuring Anuja Tolia, New York City designer who says: “embellish your body, strengthen your soul.”

Sunny warm weather has been making its debut in New York City over these past few weeks in May. As the sunshine fills our New York City streets, so does a runway of beautiful accessories! As we begin to pull out our sundresses, strap on our sandals, and look hot in our sunglasses, we need the perfect accessory to pair with our sweet sunny styles.

I would like to introduce you to NYC designer, Anuja Tollia, who creates unique, fashion-forward handcrafted jewelry  especially designed for the the everyday fashion conscious working woman that is from the ages of 18-55.  She designs for the woman who is the socially active making summer all about brunches, dinners, evenings out on the town with her girlfriend, boyfriend or husband. She likes to enjoy life, family and friends. She is both simple and bold with her daily fashion choice.

I had the pleasure of meeting Anuja at one of my favorite networking events hosted by Open Source Fashion. In her own words,  “I’ve been passionate in all realms of fashion ever since I can remember.  It is that passion that took me to The Parsons School of Design in New York City, where I graduated with a distinction in Fashion Design.  After graduating and working for several major designers such as a Wifebeader and Liz Claiborne Inc., I was looking to take my creativity to the next level, so I enrolled in the Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy.  There, I studied and honed my skills in a variety of areas within fashion, but nothing excited me more than creating the perfect piece of jewelry to complete a look.  After discovering that designing jewelry is what I was destined to do, I transformed my ideas into reality, and, thus, the Anuja Tolia Line was born!

After returning to Manhattan from Italy, I got right to work putting the finishing touches on the first few collections and officially launched the Anuja Tolia Line in June 2010!  The Line is composed of pieces created from exotic gems, edgy metals, and vibrantly colored semi-precious stones.   The elegant earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles, and cuffs are processed globally from India to Italy.  Each piece fuses my love of Indian artisanship with Western flare.  I give every detail specific attention to ensure that each piece is flawless and makes you feel like a new woman the minute you put it on. If you’re looking for unique, hand crafted, fashion-forward, and trendsetting jewelry, look no further.  The Anuja Tolia Line is for you!”

I asked Anuja to share about her favorite pieces for summer. Check out the 22 Karat Gold Plating over Sterling Silver Stone twisted bangles and Sterling Silver Base or 22 karat gold plated base with Semi Precious Stones Ring.

You can buy these items by emailing

The Anuja Tolia line can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. The Anuja Tolia has donated many of her line’s items to charities for various causes such as: Sakhi, Commit 2 Change, Bronx Defenders.

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