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Launch of Anuja Tolia Jewelry

Lately the only jewelry I have been wearing is Anuja Tolia. It is all that I wore in Miami (here,here, here, and here-where, I must add, it garnered compliments from numerous designers and even our favorite supermodel, Irina Shayk!), and it is all that I have been wearing out and about in my everyday NYC life. I. AM. OBSESSED. And…I assure you, it is not hard to be. At all. I am ecstatic to be the first to introduce you to this up-and-coming designer and present to you her very first collection! Tolia’s debut collection is a glamorous mix of what she names as Indian artisanship and Western flare. She has not only traveled the globe, but she has studied across the world as well. With extensive time spent in New York City and in Florence, Italy, and what seems to be everywhere in between, her work certainly shows the influences of the numerous cultures that she has been immersed in. With the use of semi-precious stones, real silver, and gold plating, each piece exemplifies true beauty and a deep sophistication. Yet, it is worth noting the use of exotic and rough unfinished stones in much of her work, which gives her line an extremely contemporary, extremely edgy, and extremely playful twist. With the line divided into three sub-collections, named Florentine, Ready-to-Wear, and Couture, Tolia is able to speak to a wide variety of people. From the big and the bold to the intricate and the delicate, there is definitely a piece (or in my case many, many pieces) for everyone.